Keep Coconut Grove residential neighborhood from becoming “Medium Density Commercial”

Our neighbors have appealed a decision to allow the change of a residential property with 65 residences from residential to commercial, which will increase traffic and reduce the number of affordable residences in Coconut Grove, a trend that will further alter the character of the Grove. Please sign the petition and attend the hearing on April 19th.

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Here is the text from the petition:

We the undersigned respectfully request that the City of Miami Planning Zoning and Appeals Board DENY the FILE ID 1640 application to change the land use designation of the residential property located at 2890 Virginia St, Coconut Grove, Florida from “Medium Density Multi-Family” and “Duplex Residential” to “Medium Density Restricted Commercial.”

We believe this change, which will allow hotels and other commercial uses on the property, will lead to the loss of affordable, reasonably priced housing in Coconut Grove and disrupt the nature of the adjacent residential community.

• 65 affordable residential units would be affected thus displacing the current residents
• This property would become a commercial zone surrounded by residential zones. The nature of commercial zoning would have a permanent, negative affect on the abutting residential properties and neighborhoods.
• The residential properties adjacent to 2890 Virginia Street would be in danger of “the domino effect” of future up-zoning to commercial, thus further disrupting the current residential nature of the community.
• There would be additional traffic and noise from commercial establishments, negatively affecting the surrounding residential community and narrow local streets.

We sign the petition because we care about the quality of life for ALL in this residential Coconut Grove community.

Sign the Petition

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