Indefinite Deferral For Proposed NCD Legislation

Unfortunately, other than our District 2 Commissioner, Ken Russell, commissioners were unwilling to support the proposed Neighborhood Conservation District Legislation First Reading. The good news is that we DO have a current NCD code in place, loopholes and all. While amendments are in process for the next time this legislation is read, it is of utmost importance for our current code to be enforced.

Adele R. Valencia is Director of Code Compliance effective February 4, 2019. She is responsible for leading the department in charge of enforcing the City’s rules and regulations.

During this interim period, please help our community by contacting Code Compliance (click on the link above) if you view violations in your neighborhood. Tree cutting concerns on new construction? Uncertain of setbacks on a lot being developed? Demo permit questions? If we are not vigilant in bringing these kinds of questions to the attention of Code Compliance, our neighborhoods will continued to be compromised.

In the meantime, further work will be done to strengthen the proposed NCD Code for further action by our commissioners.

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