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  • Warrants/Appeals Page 18
  • 7.1 .2.5 Waiver/Appeals Page 20
  • Exceptions/Appeals 24
  • Variance/Appeals Page 26

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I Think They Are Going to Cut Trees Down – Yikes!

Permits are not required for all tree cutting and trimming. Please refer to the following link for accurate information.

Familiarize yourself with the Tree Protection Chapter 17 in the Miami Code of Ordinances:

If you observe a possible violation:

  1. Ask to see the tree cutting permit to verify that cutting is code compliant.
  2. If no permit is produced, ask tree trimmer to stop work until a permit is obtained and contact the property owner. Sometimes new owners are not aware of the tree cutting restrictions in Coconut Grove so your intervention would be helpful.
  3. Take a photo of the trees involved. Do not trespass onto private property to take photographs or gather information.
  4. Collect and preserve information about tree trimming service involved (name of company, phone number, license number or whatever is available or take a photo of vehicle with pertinent information).
  5. Contact Department of Code Compliance 305-416-2087 or 311.
  6. If no response, contact Quatisha Oguntoyinbo-Rashad- She has been very responsive and helpful in the past.
    Chief of Environmental Resources 305-416-2038
  7. The NET Office, Madelin, Administrator, (305) 960-4670.
  8. As a last resort, call the police non-emergency number 305-579-6111.

Helpful Contacts for Tree Protection

Tree Protection Contact

Phone: 305-416-1400

Chief of Environmental Resources Contact

Quatisha Oguntoyinbo-Rashad
Phone: 305-416-2038

Helpful Links for Tree Protection

Home Page

How do I find out if a property has a tree permit?
Please contact the Environmental Resources Division at 305-416-1551 or website at

Tree Permit Process

Tree FAQs




I Want to Report Contractor Violations

Examples: Demolition, Concrete Pouring, Cutting Trees, Other Types of Active Construction

Permits are needed for construction activity.
Some activities that occur without permits cannot be reversed and can lead to
lawsuits and unresolvable outcomes.

Read the NCD Code for Coconut Grove (Neighborhood Conservation Districts)
It is written in language that is relatively easy to understand.

If you observe a possible violation:

  1. Ask to see the permit/ number to verify that the activity is code compliant – PERMITS MUST BE POSTED ON SITE.
  1. If no permit/number is produced, ask the contractor to stop work until a permit is obtained and contact the owner of the property.
  1. Take a photo of the activity involved. Do not trespass onto private property to photograph or gather information.
  1. Collect and preserve information about contractor involved (name of company, phone number, license number or whatever is available or take a photo of vehicle with pertinent information).
  1. Contact Department of Code Compliance 305-416-2087 or 311.
  1. Contact Madelin Pacheco, Administrator, at the Coconut Grove Neighborhood Enhancement Team office.
  1. Call Commissioner Ken Russell’s Liaison, Anthony Balzebre. 305-250-5333
  2. As a last resort, call the police non-emergency number 305-579-6111


Coconut Grove NET Office Information

(Neighborhood Enhancement Team)

The Neighborhood Enhancement Team is the first point of contact for zoning violations and the primary link to municipal and government services.

If you do not get an initial response, be persistent.

Best contacts:

Voncarol Kitchens, Assistant Director of NET
Cc: Coconut Grove NET

Coconut Grove NET
3310-A Mary Street
Miami, FL 33133

Phone: (305) 960-4670 Fax: (305) 960-4679

Copy: Administrator Service Center Representative Service Center Aide Police Commander Police Neighborhood Resource Officer Police Neighborhood Resource Officer Code Compliance Field Supervisor

Tips for Appealing a Decision At a Planning and Zoning Appeals Board (PZAB) Meeting

  1. This board, comprised of eleven members, one alternate and one school board member, meets on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 6:30 PM at Miami City Hall. For more detailed information, please refer to Chapter 62 of the Miami City Code.
  1. The Planning and Zoning Department can provide specific and complete instruction regarding paperwork required for an appeal. The appeal must be filed with the Hearing Boards Office.
  1. Appeals Checklist:
  1. Prepare and submit into the record at the meeting, petitions specific to your property issue either by walking your neighborhood, online or both.
  1. When preparing arguments, it is best to stick to arguments based on violations of the actual code and not “this is not Grovey” – though this is an important part of the argument it is not something that Planning and Zoning can deny people property rights on. The more Code you can note and show actual violations the stronger your appeal.
  1. Keep your arguments professional, straightforward and courteous – it will not help your case to demonize or make false assumptions about the developer. Argue they must follow code.
  1. Provide facts and data to support your appeal, not opinion.
  1. If you have report from an outside consultant such as an arborist, it is advisable to ask the consultant to appear in person rather than submit the report on its own. Personal appearances are much more effective than reports.
  1. If photos exist that support your appeal, enlarge them and bring copies. Visuals are far better than verbal descriptions.
  1. Enlist the support of your neighbors in person and via social media. (Facebook, NextDoor, Grove Watch) Encourage their attendance at the meeting. Bring signs and ask neighbors to help display them.
  1. This is a semi-judicial process, which means at the hearing the appellant may submit documents, call witnesses and rebut claims of the developer/owner. Prepare a presentation and ask others to speak on your behalf.  Each speaker will be allotted two minutes. A laptop connection is available at City Hall with projection capability for visuals. Bring hard copies of any materials to be submitted and entered in the record. (including petitions) The appellant must have sufficient copies of documents/submittals for each board member and zoning representative.
  1. Hire a Court Reporter should there be a question after the meeting has concluded. The cost is roughly $150. A company we have used before is: Verbatim Support Services Phone 954-467-8204 Email:
  1. Make sure if an agreement is made with the developer, it is recorded IN WRITING. Verbal agreements are not advised. This can be done with a covenant.  This is a legal agreement which assures that the decision between parties will be honored. See this link regarding covenants:



I Want to Appeal the Decision of the Zoning Administrator on a Waiver or Warrant

  1. An appeal of the final decision/determination of the Planning Director must be taken to the Planning, Zoning, and Appeals Board (PZAB) within fifteen (15) calendar days of the posting of the decision. The appeal must be filed with the Office of Hearing Boards.
  2. Contact Olga Zamora, Hearing Boards ( 305-416-2037) and Lakisha Gray, Hearing Boards (  305-416-2036) and copy Anthony Balzebre 305-250-5333 ( and advise them that an appeal for a waiver or warrant decision is being requested.
  3. The appellant must send or submit in person a certified letter to the following address: Olga Zamora, Hearing Boards, City of Miami Planning and Zoning Department, 444 2nd Ave 3rd Floor Miami, FL 33130.
  4. The letter should state that you are appealing the waiver or warrant decision. Include the waiver or warrant number, intent of waiver or warrant, etc. (if you were not properly notified, include that as well).  The letter should also include appellant’s contact information (phone numbers, emails, etc.). If possible, please include a copy of the waiver or warrant.
  5. The appellant should send a copy of the original appeal letter, any supporting documents, and a copy of the FedEx tracking number of the appeal letter via email to Olga, Lakisha and Anthony.  This way there will be proof both physically and electronically that an appeal was requested.
  6. After the letter is received by the city, the appellant should receive a notice for the hearing.
  7. The PZAB shall determine at a public hearing at City Hall whether the Warrant is upheld or rescinded. (Please note that in the event a decision on a Waiver or Warrant is appealed, the project will be placed on hold pending determination).
  8. Please see our “Tips for Appealing a Decision at the PZAB” toolkit link for help in building your case.
  9. Should the appellant’s appeal be denied by the Planning and Zoning Appeals Board, a second appeal may be filed with the City Commission.




I Did Not Receive a Warrant/Waiver Notification

NCD 3 – Section 3.3 – All demolition permits shall require a Waiver and be referred to the Planning Department for review under the Tree Preservation Ordinance. All submittals shall contain a tree survey by a certified arborist.

  1. Check the link on the Planning and Zoning site that shows the current waivers and warrants in the pipeline
  1. If you see a waiver/warrant on that site and notification was not received by an abutting neighbor and this can be proven, the waiver or warrant notification process must be done again.
  1. In this case, contact  Public records must provide a copy of the waiver or warrant and copies of all certified mail records (you will be able to see if a waiver or warrant notification was sent to you or not). Determine if a certified letter was sent to ALL abutting properties.
  1. On the subject line reference the waiver or warrant number and specify that the email is for a public records request (ex:  Waiver # 2017-1234 Records Request).

The message should be simple (ex:  Good Morning, I would like to request proof of notice for waiver # 2017-1234 issued in 2015 by the office of zoning.  The property address is 1234 Main St.)  The waiver or warrant, address, and department that issued the waiver or warrant needs to be included.

  1. To view abutting properties and identify abutting neighbors, follow these steps:
    2. Type in property address
    3. Map will show property outlined in yellow
    4. Click on any abutting property to retrieve the address and compare the certified mail notices

I Received a Waiver/Warrant Notice in the Mail What Should I Do?

  1. Abutting neighbors will receive notification via certified mail that an application for approval of a waiver or a warrant has been filed.
  2. All documents, plans and supporting materials will be available by appointment with the Land Development Division of the Planning and Zoning Department, 444 2nd Ave 3rd Floor, Miami, FL 33130. For an appointment call 305 (416)-1400.
  3. The project will be reviewed for approval for a Waiver or a Warrant by the Planning
    and Zoning Department.
  4. The procedures for both review processes are laid out in Miami 21 – Article 7:
  5. If you would like to object (or support) the waiver or warrant, send an email to the Planning Director and the Zoning Administrator and copy your Commissioner’s office as well.
    Francisco Garcia, Director of Planning and Zoning
    Devin Cejas, Zoning Administrator
    Ken Russell, Commissioner, District 2,
  6. Reference the Waiver or Warrant # in your email and state clearly why you object (or support) using as many “legal or Code” reasons you can find.
  7. In addition, you may want to meet with the other abutting neighbors to organize any objection (or support if the development is appropriate).
  8. The final decision of the Planning Director will be posted on the city’s website:
  9. Please see our “I Want to Appeal a Decision of the Zoning Administrator on a Waiver/Warrant” toolkit link for next steps.

I Want to See Permits

Inquiring about permits for a particular property can be done in a number of ways

1. If you have a permit number, you can go directly to the “ibuild” site and look up a permit:
At this site you will need to set up an account (just a username, email and password)

2. If you do not have a permit # you will need to either fill out the following form and send it to the city:


Go the Building Department and request the copies in person. Below is the information to request in person. For either of these steps you will need an address and folio number (Property Tax ID#).

City of Miami Building Department
444 S.W. 2nd Avenue
4th floor
Miami, FL 33130

Office: (305) 416-1100
Fax: (305) 416-2168

Main Hall on 4th Floor
Microfilm & Records
Public Research and Requests: 7:45 am – 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Scheduled Appointments: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm Pickup Completed Requests: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

3. In addition, the following is a link to the permitting process. It outlines the pathways for owners to obtain a building permit. Appeals are possible for waivers, warrants, exceptions and variances unless they are approved to proceed “by right”.





I Want to See Plans

  1. If you observe a lot where an existing house has been demolished and it looks like someone will be developing one or more new homes on the site and you would like to know the following:
  • Was the waiver process for the NCD-3 followed?
  • Do the proposed structure(s) and development meet all the NCD-3 codes?
  • What will the home(s) look like?
  1. You can obtain copies of the site, floor and elevation plans on file at the city. Click on the link below and fill out the form:


    Go to the building department at the City Offices and make your request in person at the following location (there is a charge to both do the search as well as pay for the copies of each page)

    City of Miami Building Department
    444 S.W. 2nd Avenue, 4th floor
    Miami, FL 33130

    Office: (305) 416-1100
    Fax: (305) 416-2168

    Main Hall on 4th Floor
    Microfilm & Records
    Public Research and Requests: 7:45 am – 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
    Scheduled Appointments: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
    Pickup Completed Requests: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

  1. In addition to searching plans you can also search the history of a property whether by address or folio # online at the Miami Dade Property Search website:

    Here you can find tax, sales and additional property information and documents associated with a particular property.

*The information above can be found on the home page of the Building Department

using the drop down “Quick Links” menus on the left side of the page under “Records Requests”.