Coconut Grove NET Office Information

(Neighborhood Enhancement Team)

The Neighborhood Enhancement Team is the first point of contact for zoning violations and the primary link to municipal and government services.

If you do not get an initial response, be persistent.

Best contacts:

Voncarol Kitchens, Assistant Director of NET
Cc: Coconut Grove NET

Coconut Grove NET
3310-A Mary Street
Miami, FL 33133

Phone: (305) 960-4670 Fax: (305) 960-4679

Copy: Administrator Service Center Representative Service Center Aide Police Commander Police Neighborhood Resource Officer Police Neighborhood Resource Officer Code Compliance Field Supervisor

One thought to “Coconut Grove NET Office Information”

  1. Are there any rules about what time construction can begin and end in a residential neighborhood? Also, are they allowed to work on the weekends? For those of us who live next to construction sites there is no peace. We can’t have BBQ’s in our back yard on Saturdays and the constant noise from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM gives us no quality of life.

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