I Want to Report Contractor Violations

Examples: Demolition, Concrete Pouring, Cutting Trees, Other Types of Active Construction

Permits are needed for construction activity.
Some activities that occur without permits cannot be reversed and can lead to
lawsuits and unresolvable outcomes.

Read the NCD Code for Coconut Grove (Neighborhood Conservation Districts)
It is written in language that is relatively easy to understand.

If you observe a possible violation:

  1. Ask to see the permit/ number to verify that the activity is code compliant – PERMITS MUST BE POSTED ON SITE.
  1. If no permit/number is produced, ask the contractor to stop work until a permit is obtained and contact the owner of the property.
  1. Take a photo of the activity involved. Do not trespass onto private property to photograph or gather information.
  1. Collect and preserve information about contractor involved (name of company, phone number, license number or whatever is available or take a photo of vehicle with pertinent information).
  1. Contact Department of Code Compliance 305-416-2087 or 311.
  1. Contact Madelin Pacheco, Administrator, mpacheco@miamigov.com at the Coconut Grove Neighborhood Enhancement Team office. http://miamigov.com/nets/offices/grove/index.html
  1. Call Commissioner Ken Russell’s Liaison, Anthony Balzebre. 305-250-5333
  2. As a last resort, call the police non-emergency number 305-579-6111


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