Next Steps

Greetings Coconut Grove Residents!

Thank you for attending the launch of the Grove Watch Group at Plymouth Church in February.  Since then our collective of volunteer Coconut Grove residents has been working toward our next steps. Please join us in the fall for our Next Steps community meeting.  We’ll send details about the date, time and location after the summer.

In the meantime, we invite you to visit to familiarize yourself with our mission and easy to use online Toolkit. We were recently informed that the toolkit was a successful guide in helping several residents through the code enforcement process on their streets.  Becoming informed and being pro-active works!

We are looking for volunteers!

If you would like more information about how to become a volunteer Watchdog in your neighborhood please email We are recruiting residents to help us literally walk our own streets and watch for signs of development.  The Grove Watch Group is NOT anti-development as long as the developer follows the code.  Nor are we anti-government as long as the City of Miami enforces the code. We are working with city officials, developers, realtors, and community leaders throughout the Grove to find a mutually beneficial way to preserve the nature and character of ALL of OUR Grove while allowing for growth and progress.

Below are other updates and highlights of what we have been up to over the past few months:

Community Success Stories:

  • 2890 Virginia- Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board Denies Land Use Change
  • 3901 Loquat- Planning and Zoning Denies Lot-Split
  • Gifford and Day- HEP Board Imposes 11 Conditions


  • Toolkit formally launched and is successfully being used on a regular basis-new tools coming soon!
  • Many questions asked and answered through
  • Support of residents at PAZB and HEP Board meetings
  • Facebook page has grown to over 200 followers
  • Dialogue with neighbors on Facebook
  • Participation in NCD Code re-write
  • Participation and leadership in Coconut Grove Playhouse issues
  • Attendance at issue-focused meetings with PZ, Street and Plat Committee, County, Commissioner Russell
  • Ongoing meetings with Planning and Zoning officials regarding establishing a Coconut Grove Community Review Process
  • Involvement and contacts with Village West concerns
  • Continuous communication with the Planning and Zoning Department regarding NCD Code violations
  • Assisting residents involved in the appeals process

We look forward to seeing you at our Next Steps community meeting in fall 2017

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