Grove Watch Group

Mission: To protect and preserve the nature and character of Coconut Grove by ensuring local government adherence to and enforcement of all laws, regulations and due processes for the benefit of residents and the community.

Purpose: To act as a community “watchdog” to combat overdevelopment, canopy destruction and code violations that diminish the nature and character of Coconut Grove through education, communication, awareness and Community Outreach.

Scope: To foster awareness among residents as to how their home and community are diminished by unsustainable development, through education about current laws and procedures designed to protect Coconut Grove.

To provide a systematic process that empowers residents with tools to identify properties at-risk of overdevelopment and zoning infractions in an educated and efficient manner, how to process their objections and mobilize community support, when needed.

To stay abreast City of Miami and Miami-Dade County decision-making procedures and outcomes that affect Coconut Grove to promote transparency and accountability from all governmental agencies with jurisdiction over Coconut Grove.

2 thoughts to “Grove Watch Group”

  1. Hi, Can someone tell me who to contact about a very large tree I heard is to be trimmed by the owner on a property adjacent to me? I e-mailed Ken Russell and also the Environmental folks at on March 28th with my questions and concerns but got no response from ether.

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