Trees Scheduled to Be Removed on Day & Gifford

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One of our neighbors notified us that a townhouse is being proposed on Day & Gifford. The developer wants to remove a 38 foot tall native tree and the proposed plans would put mature oaks at risk.

The proposed plans are to cut down two (2) trees in good condition, one being a tall Florida Native species, a large Ficus Aurea (strangler fig) which is growing on the property line engulfing a chain fence.

The live Oak trees are proposed to remain but with this design they can have extensive root damage cause by not enough set backs, closeness to the excavation for the plumbing, outside walls, fences, driveways and the pool(even thou is not being showed in this plans).

Also, their canopy is at great risk if allowed a two-story over the maximum allowed height. The plans show roof top terraces with solid parapet and railings plus an extended stair well enclosure of about 338 sq ft along with a dividing wall that could be extended as much as 10′. The tree at front #1, and specially the tree in the middle/back area # 10 is at a greater risk of loosing much of its canopy well over 25% to allow the extended second floor, extended encroaching balconies, ornamental parapets, etc.

It appears construction and the structures are to close to the three(3) trees. All three Oaks will suffer much stress, severe root and canopy damage if constructed as proposed. One even at risk of requiring to be removed. This project as designed can endanger the Oak trees.


C. Cecilia Kurland

Please join us at the Commission hearing on March 7th to support the appeal against this development as planned. Also, please sign our online petition. We’d love to see you!


Sign The Petition!

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  1. A big THANK YOU to all those who signed the petition. After 2 hours of discussion and testimony, the Historic and Environmental Preservation Board did not approve the appeal to preserve two trees. The appeal process had a silver lining: the HEP Board were made aware of the oaks that are in proximity to the construction of the duplex. The Board denied the appeal with conditions to protect the mature oaks during construction with sturdy fencing, regular inspection, phased canopy pruning, minor design modifications, and a tree bond.

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