I Received a Waiver/Warrant Notice in the Mail What Should I Do?

  1. Abutting neighbors will receive notification via certified mail that an application for approval of a waiver or a warrant has been filed.
  2. All documents, plans and supporting materials will be available by appointment with the Land Development Division of the Planning and Zoning Department, 444 2nd Ave 3rd Floor, Miami, FL 33130. For an appointment call 305 (416)-1400.
  3. The project will be reviewed for approval for a Waiver or a Warrant by the Planning
    and Zoning Department.
  4. The procedures for both review processes are laid out in Miami 21 – Article 7:
  5. If you would like to object (or support) the waiver or warrant, send an email to the Planning Director and the Zoning Administrator and copy your Commissioner’s office as well.
    Francisco Garcia, Director of Planning and Zoning fgarcia@miamigov.com
    Devin Cejas, Zoning Administrator dcejas@miamigov.com
    Ken Russell, Commissioner, District 2, krussell@miamigov.com
  6. Reference the Waiver or Warrant # in your email and state clearly why you object (or support) using as many “legal or Code” reasons you can find.
  7. In addition, you may want to meet with the other abutting neighbors to organize any objection (or support if the development is appropriate).
  8. The final decision of the Planning Director will be posted on the city’s website:
  9. Please see our “I Want to Appeal a Decision of the Zoning Administrator on a Waiver/Warrant” toolkit link for next steps.

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