I Did Not Receive a Warrant/Waiver Notification

NCD 3 – Section 3.3 – All demolition permits shall require a Waiver and be referred to the Planning Department for review under the Tree Preservation Ordinance. All submittals shall contain a tree survey by a certified arborist.

  1. Check the link on the Planning and Zoning site that shows the current waivers and warrants in the pipeline http://www.miamigov.com/planning/notifications.html
  1. If you see a waiver/warrant on that site and notification was not received by an abutting neighbor and this can be proven, the waiver or warrant notification process must be done again.
  1. In this case, contact publicrecords@miamigov.com.  Public records must provide a copy of the waiver or warrant and copies of all certified mail records (you will be able to see if a waiver or warrant notification was sent to you or not). Determine if a certified letter was sent to ALL abutting properties.
  1. On the subject line reference the waiver or warrant number and specify that the email is for a public records request (ex:  Waiver # 2017-1234 Records Request).

The message should be simple (ex:  Good Morning, I would like to request proof of notice for waiver # 2017-1234 issued in 2015 by the office of zoning.  The property address is 1234 Main St.)  The waiver or warrant, address, and department that issued the waiver or warrant needs to be included.

  1. To view abutting properties and identify abutting neighbors, follow these steps:
    1. http://www.miamidade.gov/propertysearch/#/
    2. Type in property address
    3. Map will show property outlined in yellow
    4. Click on any abutting property to retrieve the address and compare the certified mail notices

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